Ringtail Interactive is the parent company of businesses within the games industry. Our aim is to create a combination of companies with strong synergies, complementing and supporting each other in growth.

Above all else, we are empowered by the shared passion we have for creating awesome games.

Ringtail Games

Ringtail Games is based in Stockholm, Sweden and was born in March 2017. The team is composed of a group of passionate and experienced game enthusiasts from the likes of DICE, Paradox, Rovio, King, InnoGames and Atlantis Games.

The team has developed and soft-launched their first game, focusing on the ability to enjoy a fun and immersive mobile game both from the sofa, as well as out in the streets. A second game production is around the corner and the team is growing in preparation.

Ringtail Technology

Ringtail Technology is in the midst of developing a high-quality platform that has the possibility to change the way small and medium sized studios create games.

Our aim is to level the playing field between the possibilities of AAA studios and all the way down to indie game developers.


Ringtail Interactive is in a great position for our next steps. Our gaming studio has its first mobile title in Soft Launch and a second Title planned, while our Technology company is working on a game changing Server Platform that secured us a Microsoft Sponsorship agreement and is now closing in on Alpha Status.

We are planning to open an investment round soon and are very excited for our journey ahead. If you are interested to hear more, please feel free to contact us.

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You find us in the center of Stockholm. Our team is always open to talk about games, tech and other fun stuff. Feel free to connect with us!