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Reimagine multiplayer.

What if you could develop an online multiplayer game much like a single-player experience?

The hard truths of multiplayer development

Talent for the server team is both difficult to find and expensive to maintain.

Building and maintaining a server will rapidly inflate development costs.

Creating a solid server foundation is a time consuming hurdle that must be cleared before game production can even begin.

Ensuring that multiple code bases work together is a complex, tedious task.

Other server products can help to an extent, but none will come close to accomplishing what our solution can do.

Enter Ringtail Lemur

Lemur is a fully managed, easy-to-use multiplayer development toolbox that puts previously impossible ideas and concepts within reach for teams of any size. Even better, it does this while saving on time, cost, and stress, effectively eliminating many of the pains of modern multiplayer game development.

Lemur empowers developers to focus on bringing original ideas to life without worrying about server infrastructure. Creativity will no longer be constrained by project complexity and server restrictions, leading to greater innovation in the multiplayer space.

Whether you’re a larger studio or a solo developer, Lemur will unlock new horizons of development possibilities for you, with SDKs for Unity, Godot, and .NET.

Step up your game

Enter a new era

Break free from conventional networking structures and create innovative multiplayer game mechanics using Lemur’s unique Anything-to-Anything Networking.

Supercharge your efficiency

Focus on perfecting your game vision while Lemur handles your most complicated networking challenges, saving both development time and cost – no server coding needed!

Access industry-leading technology

Utilize AAA technology and top-tier online features, regardless of the size of your development team.

Develop with ease and flexibility

Iterate on your multiplayer game through design changes – even pivots – without needing to extensively revise networking features.

Embrace “no worries networking”

Relax with the knowledge that Lemur will scale with your product while maintaining game integrity at all times.


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